Thursday, April 23, 2020

Normandy'44 via Vassal

Nothing better than one of these GMT games played on Vassal to keep one occupied during lock-down.

The Allies lost a total of 23 steps getting ashore.  Or to put it another way, only 13 units arrived without loss.  The US airborne and Canadians suffered the most.

The Germans made five attacks.  Against the US airborne they forced retreats.  The rangers are defeated at Pointe du Hoc.  The 21st Pz Div attack against the 6th Airborne was not very successful.

The Allies make twelve attacks trying to secure their beachheads.  They have success, particularly Omaha, but again take losses, particularly the British and Canadians.

The Germans make two attacks.  The 82nd Airborne were forced to retreat from St Mere Eglise. The 21st Pz Div took losses fighting the 6th Airborne.  Good news for the Allies is that they can start building their Mulberries.

The Allies make seven attacks.  They meet with modest success.

The Germans had used seven Strategic Movement Markers.  They are only allowed three!  Easily fixed at this stage.

The weather on the 8th of June is clear.  Will this save the Canadians from the onslaught of the recently arrived 12th SS Pz Div?  The 12th SS make two attacks against the Canadians.  They are both successful, even after the intervention of Allied fighter bombers.

The US make five attacks, the Commonwealth two.  All attacks were successful.

The weather remains clear.  The 12th SS makes another two attacks, but the Allied fighter bombers nullified the attacks.

The US make five attacks again and the Commonwealth two. Bayeux is captured.  All attacks are successful.

The weather is overcast.  The Germans launch one attack against the 6th Airborne.  It is a success.

Again seven attacks are made.  There is no air support.  However the attacks are largely a success with Carentan captured and part of the 12th SS Pz Div surrounded.

The weather is still overcast.  The Germans make no attacks as they concentrate on repairing their lines.  12th SS Pz Div escapes.

The US again make five attacks, but the Commonwealth launch a massive six attacks in an attempt to break into Caen.  The US attacks are going in at 3 to 1 while the Commonwealth's are at 2 to 1.  Some progress is made, but at cost.  Again the 12 SS Pz Div is in trouble.

The weather remains overcast.  The Allies remain without air support.  The Germans make one attack, it is an impressive 6 to 1 by the 12 SS Pz Div as it attempts to breakout from the Canadian grip.  The beat up Shermans are no match for two battalions of Panther tanks.  However losses are sustained by both sides.

The US again make five attacks.  The Commonwealth two.  It is very much a war of attrition.  Special Services troops performed their last action, but a foothold was achieved in Caen when the German determined defence failed.

Clear weather, just a hint of cloud.  The newly arrived 17th SS move up to attack with the 12th SS on reserve.  The 17th are successful despite Allied fighter bombers, but the 12th SS fail miserably, losing valuable panther tanks in a futile follow up attack.

The US make seven attacks as they race across to close off the peninsula.  The Commonwealth make one attack against Caen, which just produces a lot of casualties.  The US are more successful and  Cherbourg is now cutoff.

The weather is again clear with a hint of cloud. The Germans rush 2nd Pz Div to the west coast to stop the US breakthrough.  The SS Pz Divisions wait their time.

The US make four attacks, wearing down the German defenders on the peninsula.  The British 6th Airborne start to make attacks to the east of Caen.

Storms! The German panzers launch three attacks against the Commonwealth forces to the west of Caen.  The Germans drive the invaders back, inflicting losses, particularly to the 7th Armoured, but lose valuable elite tanks in the process.  They don't have the strength to follow up. In the west some German units are now trapped and out of supply, while remaining units head for Cherbourg.

I realise at this stage that I haven't been reducing the movement rate for German mechanised units during clear weather.  I don't think it has had too much impact.

The US make three attacks, clearing the way to Cherbourg and attempting to break into the perimeter.  The British 6th Airborne make an attack to the east. All attacks force the Germans to retreat.

The weather returns to being overcast.  The Germans make five attacks.  One in an attempt to reestablish the Cherbourg perimeter, one trying to straighten the line in the west and three from the panzer concentration to the west of Caen.

The US make four attacks, two of which are mopping up.  The Commonwealth makes one attack to the east of Caen.  Mostly successful.  The pressure is mounting for the Germans to reinforce east of Caen.

The game is now at the halfway point.


  1. Seems to be following the original.

    1. Allies are ahead in the west but behind in the centre. The game continues!