Monday, April 13, 2020

A Pair of M19 "Covids"

Well actually another M10 Wolverine and an M36B1 Jackson.

 The M10 is the plastic kit that they sell as Tanks!
The crew figure is from the Flames of War M10.  
Crews for Tanks! I believe are sold seperate.
Went together well, but as always getting the transfers to play nice is a challenge.

 This has a big gun.
I also went to some trouble to use a magnet to affix the turret.
The first time I had attempted this.
After some messing about, I used the head of an iron cleat nail in the hull,
with a little magnet glued to the bottom of the turret.
It's a perfect fit, but a little stiff to freely rotate.

I think I'm done now for US tank destroyers.

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