Friday, February 21, 2020

Stalingrad'42 - Turns 17 to 19

The weather is becoming intermittently overcast.  No biggy, just the Luftwaffe can't fly so many missions.

 The Soviets target a lone Italian mechanized unit.

 Down south it is a Rumanian that gets some attention.

 In the north there is still a sizeable Soviet presence.

 In the centre the Stalingrad defences are holding firm.

 Down south Rostov has finally fallen,
but the pocket further along the Don has been contained.

 The Soviet concentration in the north strikes a lone Hungarian unit.

 Keeping up the theme another Axis ally is attacked near Stalingrad.

 And so it goes down south.
Italian this time.

 The big picture.
Apart from Rostov, where the Axis have been able to get across the Don,
the other fronts are holding firm.

 In the north the Soviets now attack a German unit
(well there is a Hungarian stacked with it).

 And in the south as well.

The northern front is proving to be very fluid.
The Soviets are a bit short of armour,
but the Axis are a bit short of troops. 

 In the south the Axis have made progress in breaking out of Rostov,
but further up the Don they have been seriously pushed back.
At Stalingrad the Axis have approached the city's outskirts.

VP count so far for the Axis.

Turn 19 has just completed. 
The VP tally is almost historical.
The Axis will need to capture more and quickly as the weather is a changing.

 Still plenty of Soviet reinforcements to arrive.

The Axis continue to receive reinforcements, 
but some may arrive too late.


  1. Looking hopeful for the Soviets. Will there be enough Italians and Romanians left for the Soviets to breakthrough later in the battle?

    1. LOL - good question. The main reinforcements for the Axis are allies.

      The German player has a had a few bad die rolls, but I think the main challenge is that there is just so much for them to do. Maybe it would be best to just go on the defensive on one front and concentrate on other parts. I am hoping that GMT will release a Vassal module soon so I can try out some different strategies. We also made a few minor mistakes and as the Soviet player I didn't really know what I was doing to begin with - perhaps I should have withdrawn quicker rather than keep on trying to save units. The Soviets have lost a lot of units.

      Great game, highly recommended, which goes for all the GMT games in this series.