Thursday, February 13, 2020

Carthaginians versus Anglo-Danes

Fresh off the rebasing board and onto the table.  Have they retained their fighting mojo?

 Dave fielded Anglo-Danes and out scouted me.
I started to feel outnumbered...
He also used aggressive deployment.
My confidence returned somewhat.

 They advanced.  
I pushed forward my wings.

The Anglo-Danes got a little bit too close and the Carthaginians charged.
A bit of mutual destruction on the left (both threw sixes for the Cohesion Tests)
but much better on the right.

 The Carthaginians hang back on the left,
but push forward in the centre and on the right.

 The Anglo-Danes are now close to breaking.

 The Carthaginian commander was getting bit of criticism,
never a good thing in the Carthaginian army.
In he went!
What a man!!

In a last spurt of fighting zeal, 
the Anglo-Dane knights charged, 
but achieved nothing.


  1. How on earth did the Anglo-Danes 'outscout' the Carthaginians? Just askin'. Not exactly Cannae, but methinks that last clump of spears, and the mounted chappies, won't be seeing home again...

    1. They threw a double six!

      The Numidians and slingers would have taken care of the enemy archers. The Gauls might have been needed to take out the enemy knights, but the Libyan javelinmen are in position to pull off a flank charge. It would have taken time, but that left the veteran spearmen and Spanish to track down the last of the Danes.