Saturday, November 16, 2019

World in Flames 16

March/April 1941 gave the USSR an extra impulse to finish its defensive preparations in the west.  Unfortunately the Axis now have the initiative in the plus 2 box.

Builds for the Chinese were a cavalry corps (Com) and a garrison corps (Nat) (4BP - which were 2 plus 2 from cadres).  For the USSR a HQ, two motorised corps and a mech division (16BP)

Not perfect, but it is basically what I had planned.
Would my plan survive the first impulse of battle?

I had flipped about with my eastern defensive strategy.
This meant it was only half baked, 
but I wrongly thought the Japanese were also unprepared ...

Defeat in the east.
With the loss of Vladivostok I can at least sue for peace and put this debacle behind me.

In the west my plan half worked.
I was surprised by a naval landing and a paradrop along with the Finns attacking Leningrad.
The Finns lost (phew!), the naval landing in Estonia will just hurry up the retreat from the Baltic.
The paradrop is more interesting...


  1. Loving these monster game reports. Don't always comment here but following w interest.

    1. Thanks. WiF lacks the simplicity of Diplomacy, but allows for endless thought between turns. The guy that hosts the game, another Michael, does an excellent detailed write up in the Facebook WiF group. Highly recommended. I can send you an invite to the FB group if you like.

    2. I must have missed that background! I didn't realise this was a competitive on-line campaign involving actual people. For some reason I was reading it as a two or three player game (if not solo, withal). I'm also finding this interesting to follow, though, such is the complexity of the board and the pieces, it isn't always easy!

    3. It certainly is competitive and involves real people, but it is not online. Mike (who hosts the game at his place and plays Italy/Japan) does an excellent write up on Facebook. Personally I don't like FB for my hobbies, but it can't be avoided (items for sale and also lots of nice eye candy of people's minis and games).

      Our Wif game has a Commonwealth player, a US/France and of course German. I run USSR/China.

      I also have WiF on Vassal where I tested out my USSR west defence. I should have tried the east defence as well, but it is a massive game to play solo.

      This is the FB link, but you might need to be in FB to use it.
      Group is called World In Flames Players