Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Konstantinian Byzantines versus Seljuk Turks

An historical match up for my Byzantines, now evolved into Konstantinians, against Mark Woods' Seljuk Turks.

First up an extended GIF which is constructed using pictures after each players' initiative, rather than each game turn as previously done.  Should make it easier to follow.

 I had the advantage with deployment, 
but I'm not sure it did me any good.

 I went first.

 The Turks cautiously advance.

 Start of Turn 2 and the Turks move first this time.

 Then it's my turn and I start to engage the enemy with some long range fire.

 Turn 3 and I go first which enables me to keep up the missile fire.

 It has been surprisingly effective.
(red dots on the Turks indicate disorder)

 In my initiative phase my elite light cavalry had charged and driven off the Turks.
However in their initiative they charged and even though I had the advantage in number of dice,
the result was bad.

 End of Turn 3 and my infantry are blocked on the centre left,
and worse on the centre right the Varangians are suffering badly.

 My right flank light cavalry do no better than their companions on the left.

 Turn 4 and the Turks went first.
There was a mighty cavalry clash on the left flank.

 But by the end of my initiative it had stabilized somewhat.

 The Varangians are proving to be hopeless.

 Turn 5 I went first which gave me the double move.
I'm thin on the right,
but the left is where the action is.

 After the Turks turn the Varangians are feeling very unhappy,
but the cavalry fight is slowly going my way.

 Turns 6 and I get to go first.
The Varangians come good clearing the pesky skirmishers away this time.
On the left we start to close in on the enemy general.
The generals' units on both sides were reduced to critical by this stage.

 My general in now threatened, but it looks bad for the Turks.
It looks bad for the Varangians as well...

 Turns 7 and luckily I get to go first.
The Varangians escape and the enemy general flees.

 However my general succumbs to his wounds.

 Turn 8 and the Turks are close to breaking.

And in their final initiative phase, the Turk light horse is eliminated.
Game over.

It is interesting how the Turks ended up in the centre, given their initial bifurcated deployment.

Excellent game, probably lasted two hours.


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    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I've been having a few good games with the Byzantines.