Monday, November 5, 2018

Wheels for the Western Desert

The beauty of keeping a blog is that I can look back and see when various things happened or started.  And so it is that I see I've been working on my 15mm WW2 Commonwealth North African collection for over six years.  Now finally, their transport has arrived.

 A trio of dingos, on the prowl for babies, eh Axis.

Morris AA tractors for my two Bofors.
Putting the wheels on these models was a bugger.
They just didn't fit - the total opposite of the precision work on Zvezda kits.

Brigadier JC "Jock" Campbell.
Couldn't resist this set. 

CMP 15cwt trucks.
I'm still thinking about this style of kit.
Nothing to assemble is a plus based on my experiences putting together the other kits in this post.
Inbuilt base... it is at least small and I should add a bit more detail, but I'd prefer not to have it.
Solid windows - definitely not sure I like this style.

 Morris 15cwt trucks, made them so I can detach the canopies for some variation.

 Marmon Herrington III in Cauntor.
The nice feature of this kit was the option to have the top hatches open,
this was a one piece casting, all you had to do was glue in the commander,
no fiddly tiny little hatches to try and position.

 Not a Battlefront kit, manufacturer unknown, but at least it is now ready for service on the tabletop.
It has the code number 551 etched into its base.

The swarm.


  1. I agree that one of the benefits of having a blog is being able to track projects over time and watch them develop; both yours and others.
    Nice models! 😀

    1. Blogging has certainly expanded the pleasure I get from the hobby.

  2. A great mobile column! It is amazing how long most projects take to finish.

    1. Thankfully all the Battlefront gear was only purchased a month or so back, but the poor metal Priest had been languishing in the lead pile for a while (although only 18 months in my possession, the previous owner had him a lot longer I am sure).