Friday, November 16, 2018

Nikephorian Byzantines versus Later Andalusians - Again

A revenge match, this time my Byzantines returning with extra cavalry to take on Simon's Andalusians in what was to prove to be another bloody encounter.

This time I'll put the GIF first, so the outcome will not be a surprise.

 I had the advantage of deploying second this time.
I've matched my infantry against his infantry and my cavalry against his cavalry.

 End of Turn 1 and both sides have advanced,
although the Andalusians are a bit more cautious.

 I'm using my skirmishers to shield my cavalry,
however my light cavalry on the far left came off the worse for an early encounter.

 By the end of Turn 3 I had lost the forces covering my flanks!
But just watch the Varangians in the centre.

 Turn 4 and the Varangians are chewing up the enemy centre.
However my right is in trouble.

 Turn 5 saw a massive mutual annihilation of our cavalry.
It included the Andalusian general.
My general is off running down the enemy light cavalry on my left flank.

By Turn 6 my army had sadly broken.
It was very much in the balance up until then and could have gone either way 
(each side being one unit short of breaking).


  1. 'Erythros' Kavallarioi (Red Heavy Horse) have started as they mean to go on, beating the crud outta whatever stands in their way. One of the drawbacks of pick-up games (I find) is that one loses the consequences of the outcome - or even what the outcome means. In a campaign context, this might have been interesting. The red lances can get away, but how about the skoutatoi and the Varangian Guard? Probably they could make a fighting retreat and draw off, especially if the red lancers kept close by to keep the Andalusian cavalry honest. But that in itself would have made an interesting game (action).

    1. I always like games that tell a story and find, as you say, that pick up games lack that quality.

      It should be easy to adapt the DBA campaign system for use with Basic Impetus, so maybe next year...

      I am sure the Erythos Kavallaroi can finish off the mercenary knights. The Varangians maybe able to rescue the Skoutatoi, but I doubt it. The loss of the Andalusian general puts them at a disadvantage, so while technically a loss, it was more of a draw. A great game.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. Provided I take the photos from basically the same spot the GIF is really easy to do.

  3. That is cool...apart from taking the pics from the same´s the final gif created?

    1. That is the easiest part. Just go to and upload the pics and they do all the work, for free, in a few seconds. You then download the gif from their site and use as required.

      There are other sites that offer the same service I am sure, but I've just stayed with the one that worked first time for me.