Thursday, March 29, 2018

Late Seleucids versus Early Sassanids

Not an historical match, but the best I could do with my available figures. 

Simon, in his first game of Basic Impetus 2, with a borrowed army, put the late into my Later Seleucids in what was a very fun game.

 The Seleucids were the defenders and the terrain was certainly in their favour.

 The Sassanids held back, but scored some lucky early hits on the advancing Seleucids.

 Both sides fielded elephants.  Would they come tusk to tusk?

 Casualties start to mount on the Seleucids who are also slowed by the need to pause to recover order.
Still they are getting closer...

 The Seleucid horse archers have retired from the fight, 
but at least the Sassanids slingers have been routed.

 End of the sixth turn and things have really developed.
On the Seleucid right their Thracians fled after tackling some Sassanid cavalry.
That in turn was destroyed by a very successful charge by the Seleucid cavalry.
The Seleucid centre is closing on the enemy, but on the left things are maybe not going so well.

 Another eventful turn.
Seleucid cavalry has been pushed back.
Elephants have come out to play.
And at the top of the picture, 
the Sassanid archers have seen off an attack by the Seleucid City Militia. 

 The Sassanid cavalry destroys the Seleucid right flank.
The elephants keep fighting as do the Sassanid archers.

 The Sassanids win.
Their horse archers move forward and finish off the Seleucid horse archers.
The Seleucids did wipe out the Sassanid heavy cavalry 
and significantly reduce their elephant population.

The Sassanid archers did well with their defensive fire, pity about their basing...


  1. What a game! A good blog entry Sun of York.

    Ah yes, the basing....

    1. Thanks. The report misses out all the laughs and epic die rolls. At one point I roll two sixes on three dice. Simon yells out "give me a break" or words to that effect. Other members tut tut at the disturbance to their concentration (on not spilling their drinks). Then Simon rolls and gets two hits as well on just two dice.

      Plus we had Simon the Shopkeeper... But that is another story.

      As for the basing. We will do it! Of course, only after further consideration, investigation, weighing of possibilities and alternatives, perhaps conducting a survey and entering into select partnerships and then bunging on some plaster or PVA glue and sprinkling with sand and sloshing on some suitable paint. Bemoaning the fact that most of the figures got some on their shoes we will attempt a bit of dry brushing. Further and perhaps more woeful bemoaning will follow, but there is still the final step. A bit of glue (suitably watered down) and a delicate touch, just a smidgen, of carefully crafted flock and they'll be done in the fullness of time. They will look great too and no one will look at their shoes (hopefully).

  2. Great read and a fun looking battle. Don`t mind the basing, I often curse inwardly at the club that my opponents force is a motley collection of greys...

  3. It’s great that you are getting in so many games and having fun. 😀

    1. The aim is certainly to have fun, that's for sure.

  4. Interesting tuskle. How often is turn 6 the critical one and often the last? Amazing that both elephant 'units' lasted to the end (albeit with losses for Seleucids).
    Simon is well entitled to a version of 'give me a break' with *your* rolling!!!

    1. Ha ha.

      Yes, Turn 6. In part it is the deployment set up, but also by then the player's blood is up and they want results.

  5. A great game Mark. And yes sorry for running shop at the same time, didnt do me much good either. Still this has made me interested in Impetus basic, especially perhaps a fantasy version that can be figure light as in "Hordes of the Things".

    1. Yes, must add Impetus Fantasy to the list of things to try out this year.