Monday, March 26, 2018

Burgundian Ordonnance versus Nikephorian Byzantine

Today my Burgundians took on Gerry's Byzantines in a club Impetus League game.  We played at my house and being on home turf gave my Burgundians a winning edge.

 Burgundians on the left, Byzantines on the right.
550 points gives a lot of troops.

 End of Turn One and there has been little movement.

 End of Turn Two and the Byzantines have started to slowly advance.

 The Burgundian genius commander is locked in.
This effectively gave the Burgundians the choice of when they were moving for the rest of the game.

 End of Turn Three.
The Burgundians are sitting still on opportunity.

 First blood is scored by the Burgundians on the enemy horse archers.

 End of Turn Four and the Burgundians are yet to move.

 The other Burgundian commander is confirmed as Expert.

 End of Turn Five and there is still a way for the Byzantines to go.

 Unlike in the Burgundian army, the Byzantine centre commander finds himself downgraded to poor.

 End of Turn Six.
Waiting, waiting, waiting...

 End of Turn Seven and skirmishing is happening on the Burgundian left.
The Byzantines are definitely getting the worse of it.

 End of Turn Eight and the Byzantines are now in range of the Burgundian right flank.
Some brave handgunners have gone out to meet some Varangians on the Byzantine's far left.
On the Burgundian left they have made a slight advance and a rain of arrows.

 End of Turn Nine.  
A charge by the Byzantine cavalry has been repulsed.

The Byzantine right is in trouble.

 Things just keep getting worse for the Byzantines.
Their left wing commander is downgraded.

 End of Turn Ten.
The Byzantine right flank is shattered and starts to withdraw to avoid being broken.

 End of Turn Eleven.
The Burgundians are now advancing on their left.
The Byzantines are bravely advancing against the Burgundian right and getting shot to bits.

End of Turn Twelve and the Byzantine right has broken.

 The break of the right command, coupled with losses sustained by the rest of the army,
sees the Byzantine army collapse and the Burgundians score a magnificent victory.

My die rolling was excellent, or rather I was rolling so many the chances I had produced results.  Less so for the Byzantines who were not having much luck at all.


  1. Root for the home team! After so many AARs I’m off to read some reviews of the rules. 😀

    1. I recommend Basic Impetus 2 at the moment as the full strength Impetus rules need a rewrite to include all the errata and new ideas which are present in the new Basic Impetus rules, plus the Basic rules include all the army lists with the rules.