Thursday, March 22, 2018

Early Sassanids versus the Empire of Nicea

Last night at the club I umpired a game between Mark B's Sassanids and Olivier's Empire of Nicea.

 The Set-Up.  Both sides have two commands, with their CinCs being Geniuses.

 And The Empire get off to a great start when their CinC is locked in as a genius.
This is quite the opposite of their previous, aborted game.

 End of Turn One as seen from the Sassanid side.
The Empire's right flank is held back on opportunity.

 End of Turn Two from The Empire's side.
The Empire scored first blood on the Sassanid horse archers who are rapidly approaching.

 End of Turn Three.
The Empire had some lucky shots and cleared off two units of Sassanid horse archers.
In the centre their cavalry has become mired with the Sassanid foot archers.
Perhaps a Hand of Fate should have been used,
 to force the Sassanid foot to reroll their Cohesion Test die 
(they had suffered 4 losses, but threw a 1).

 End of Turn Four.
Another Sassanid horse archer unit has perished on the right flank.
However The Empire's centre has crumbled.
and their rightmost command is taking heavy losses.

End of Turn Five.
The Empire's right flank breaks and coupled with the losses in the centre,
their army breaks.

The Sassanids first win!

They deserve to have their basing completed.


  1. 'However The Empire's centre has crumbled' - but how?

    Alas, the cameraman was distracted, and didn't record the Sassanid light cavalary taking a considerable toll on the exposed Byzantine CM.

    The ravens were very full that day.

    Thanks M for umpiring!