Thursday, March 1, 2018

Burgundian Ordonnance versus Sassanids

Only a 1,000 years out, but it would be an interesting game as my Burgundians took on Mark B's Sassanids (helped by a recently recruited unit of Persian slingers on loan) using Basic Impetus 2.

 End of Turn One.
Sassanids are the attacker and have taken advantage of deploying after the Burgundians.

 End of Turn Two.
Both sides are trying for a right hook.

 End of Turn Three.
Oh dear, it's going to be one of those nights.

 End of Turn Four.
After an initial set back, my pike have cleaned out the Sassanid archers.
However their elephants took out both units of my longbow.

 End of Turn Five.
Pike clash with Sassanid heavy cavalry - interesting.
Both sides have their right hooks in.
The Sassanid light cavalry are doing what exactly?

 Bombards take aim at the mercenary skirmishers and blast them off the field.

 End of Turn Six.
Bombards about to try out as elephant guns.
Sassanid cavalry commences to make an ill-fated charge.

 Elephants stomp on the bombards.

 End of Turn Seven.
Sassanid cavalry have come off badly and it's about to get worse...

Sassanid cavalry score no hits.
Organ guns score one.
Sassanid cavalry catastrophically fail their Cohesion Test.
Game Over.

My luck changed halfway through, just as the Sassanids ran out of luck.  Made for an exciting game.


  1. Fine looking game but I don't understand ahistorical match ups.

    1. Thanks.

      Sadly I only have my Macedonians or Burgundians. My opponent only has Sassanids. But I overcompensate with Napoleonics, ACW and WW2 in that I very much try and simulate actual battles in those three periods.

  2. While not an historical match, it was a good, fast and entertaining game. A nice start to Basic Impetvs.