Monday, March 5, 2018

Tiger Tiger

Today there has been a visit to the lead mountain, but I'm not sure what the collective noun for the accumulation of plastic kit conversions that now languish in various boxes and containers. 

In going through Military Modelling magazines I came across this article:

Then I thought, I did that conversion.  Do I still have it?  I was expecting to find it my spares box(es), but it was there with my other collection of Tiger Tanks (one Minitank that I'd painted up the same and three of the pre painted models you can get now a days, which includes one which is radio controlled - Dragon Armour I think).

 Hand painted tools as well as transfers.
Sadly barrel is needs a 90 degree twist.

 Some use of plasticard (very rare back then in Adelaide for a 14 year old).
Plenty of use of plasticine as Miliput and equivalents were also hard to get.

Don't know what happened to the Panther road wheels. 
 I don't think I had them and probably used something that I subsequently detested and ripped off.

The paint colour is Humbrol Khaki and probably way too dark for the yellow colour it should be, but I like it.  Some of that weathering is actual real dust and grim.

And as a supplementary, here is the Roco Minitank which I painted up to match.

 Okay, so I got the numbers round the wrong way.
But look, the hatch opens!

Beautiful model, pity it wasn't to scale with Airfix kits.