Monday, July 25, 2016

French versus English 100 Years War style

400 points and back to U equals 1cm.  Mark Woods ran English and waited for my French to attack.

The English are arrayed between two woods, they are the defender.  
I should probably just charge, but, wait, I have skirmishers.

And these guys on my far left.

The view from the English line.

We advance.  Going to be slow as I'm back to using U equals 1 cm.  
Deployment was a minimum 20U back from the centre line. 

This shot gets the whole lot in (end Turn 2).

End Turn 3 and the English are not moving, maybe just a bit of shuffling.

Turn 4 and we are under some pitiful artillery fire (phew).

My Breton javelinmen are having a look in the woods today.
They are old Mike's Models I think.  From a phase when I was doing thick bases.

Turn 5 and long range English bowfire is starting to kick in.

Turn 6 and the English are moving to protect their camp.  
How will the heavy infantry find the going in the woods?

By the end of Turn 7 the Bretons on my right have routed with the first unit of enemy longbow they encountered.  My forces are getting some disorder, but still pressing ahead (5cm per turn).

The English heavy infantry struggle in the wood.

Turn 9 and I get a nice surprise with an upgrade to my CinC

My neat lines have broken up by the end of Turn 9, but the real fighting is the skirmishers on the flanks where I am having considerable success.

English knights getting stuck in the trees.

End Turn 10.  It's slow work.

How lucky can I get?   My 2iC gets an upgrade.
I reckon my new camp has won the favour of the dice gods.  

End Turn 11 and my left wing is getting close.

In goes my CinC with the Gendarmes, should have been a bloodbath, but he fails to follow up far enough (even after a reroll using my one Hand of Fate).

End of Turn 12 and the left wing is fully engaged.

Turn 13 and the right wing of the English army collapses.

Turn 14 and the English get desperate.

But it is all over.

The French win.

Another great game.

We did have a few questions.

1. Do stakes count as "wooden protection" against firing?  We assumed they do.

2. Does a little bit of terrain (woods for example) in the firing arc block firing?  We assumed it did.

3. Is a unit still disordered after it leaves disordering terrain?  We assumed it would need to rally.


  1. can anyone come up with a better idea than dice?

    1. Those rolls of double fives on two dice against my Gendarmes rolling eight dice and lucky to get one hit. You did have a few good rolls, amongst a sea of crap rolls.

  2. I posted my questions to the Impetus forum. The responses so far:

    1. "What is "wooden protection"?"

    Fair enough, I elucidated as follows - Page 33 in the rules. "-1 when non-Artillery fire at Wagenburg or troops behind pavises or other wooden protection"

    Logic being that stakes are wood and provide protection...

    2. "The LOS rules and the related firing issues is something that I hope is better explained in Impetus 2. In simple terms, LOS itself is determined by "measuring from the middle of the sighting Unit's front to the middle of one of the sides of the Unit that must be spotted." (3.1.3) The CL, if I understand your explanation is, should be able to meet that condition.

    In 6.3.2 you next determine Visibility. The firing unit traces two straight and uninterrupted lines to two corners of the enemy unit. These lines may not cross each other. If there is no obstacle obstructing these lines then the target unit is visible to the firing unit. A friendly unit or even an enemy unit might obstruct direct fire. Does terrain obstruct visibility? (It definitely obstructs LOS.) Here the rules seem vague.

    This is how we have interpreted the visibility rule. If a unit is firing through terrain that could impair LOS then we allow the unit to fire up to 5U with respect to visibility. So a unit having one of its tracing lines firing through a bit of woods would have a maximum range of 5U firing distance.

    I am curious to see how others have worked this out."

    3. "Correct. At the beginning of the activation, a unit that is disordered rolls its DT. Assuming it passes the test it can then move and if it completely exits the disordering terrain it ends its move in good order."

    This last response is very informative. I didn't appreciate you could rally while disordered due to terrain. It is only the moving that causes disorder. This is good as it means, with luck, you can back out units that are able to move backwards, e.g. CL.

    Will be interesting to see if there are more responses, but I'm grateful for the responses I've received so far.

  3. And having just made that update, a response has come through on stakes:

    "No, stakes do not provide any firing protection for the protected unit. You will notice that Pavises and such have their own paragraph in 3.6.2 separate from pointed stakes. Pointed stakes effect melee and Pavises effect missile fire."

    Thanks Gaius Cassius of the Impetus forum.