Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Quick Wings of Glory

Just enough energy for a quick game of an old favourite.  I was in the Spad (light blue tail) accompanied by Mark B in a Nieuport against Stephen flying two planes (a Fokker and an Albatross I think).  I took a photo for nearly every move and have tried to position them all by aligning the join of the two mats to form a common reference point.

Enemy spotted!

The Hun gets in some initial effective long range fire.
(I took 2 points and my ally a whooping 5 points)

A fly past

Wings of Glory is always very photogenic

Bird's eye view

A straight ahead attack resulted in an overlap which would normally preclude firing, but Stephen, in control of the "victim" graciously allowed a shot.

Mark B in the Nieuport set the Albatross on fire.

Time for the Hun to run?

One down and the other turning round...

The Nieuport attempts to catch bullets.

The German planes suffered frequent gun jamming and my pass at this time was risk free 

More circling

The Fokker has a much tighter turn than my Spad

Round we go

Will there be more combat?

Planes seem well separated at the moment

Maybe I can catch him?


Got him!

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