Sunday, April 19, 2015

Airfix Waterloo British Infantry

I took these two photos the other other day to post on the Facebook group The Napoleonic Wargamer where a question had been asked about the need to differentiate between stovepipe and Belgic shakos in 1/72nd scale.

The 4th Foot as Airfix made them.

28th Foot as I converted the headgear.

These two units date from the late 1970s.  In my collection these units have the codes F06 and F03.  My notes reminded me that I have actually visited the 28th Foot's museum (that would have been in 1996) and also that I did the 4th Foot's light company in 2000.  I really should take some more photos (and use them in a game or two).

If you are a Facebook user with an interest in Napoleonic wargaming I highly recommend the group; you just need to apply for access from the moderators.


  1. Nicely presented troops. I have found that Airfix figures do reward the effort spent on their presentation.

  2. Very cool, classic figures, nicely painted too

  3. I second the vote of confidence in the Facebook Group

    Good to see these fellows again


  4. Thanks for the comments everyone, much appreciated.