Friday, April 3, 2015

Let a Thousand Wings Bloom

Well, seven with six players and I'm not sure planes ever bloom, but two certainly went boom.

I had command of the two Bristol Fighters and Mark B the Camel.  Together we took on four German planes, mainly Fokkers, flown by Stephen N (in the non-Fokker), Greg in the dark yellow Fokker, Tom in the light yellow Fokker and Betty in the Fokker with the camouflaged Fokker.

As always all the planes and terrain were from Stephen N's collection.

After a few turns we were all of a muddle.  Tom's Fokker kept colliding with my planes and would have to be dealt with...

Greg's plane got engine damage early on which would give him an honorable pass out, but he kept in the game.

Revenge on poor Tom (it was his first game).  

His mum came to the rescue and my plane was trailing some nasty smoke.

Stephen got a shot in and my other plane developed engine trouble.  Time to head for home.

Mark B's Camel, on fire by this stage, got a good blast in against Stephen who went boom.

Greg's spluttering plane is trying to catch my Bristol Fighters.

The Camel succumbed to flames.  The kill goes to Stephen..

My planes get away.

My planes had been in the thick of things, but got off surprisingly lightly.  In a bizarre turn of coincidence the damage on Greg's Fokker was identical to my white BF.

And while I am still doing good, here is the unofficial leader-board:

I've just noticed that there are more kills than deaths.  Nice to see my reports are keeping true to real life aerial combat reporting.