Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Imperial versus the Royal George

Wednesday night at the NWS I had a game of Sails of Glory, my first rate Imperial and a frigate versus Stephen's Royal George and a frigate captained by Greg who was having his first of what is hoped are many games (the understanding being that he has the Sails of Glory starter set coming for Father's Day - nice one, I'm expecting aftershave).

In a first, the Imperial gets to fire both broadsides at once, well, foresides as we weren't square on the foe.  The newly captained British frigate fared badly, but the bow raked Royal George got off lightly.

The double shotted Royal George returns fire.  Ouch!

Collision time.  Using the modified rules - the three ships have now struck sails and risk entanglement.  Some close range musketry ensures.

The Royal George might be entangled with its companion frigate, but it has reloaded and blasts away at both the Imperial (which is busy trying to comeabout) and the French frigate, destroying the latter, but not before it in turn put paid to the British frigate.

The Imperial gets in a long range shot, taking out more of the Royal George's crew and creating problems for her ability to perform actions.

Another long range blast and more of the Royal George's crew are hit.

And again, more long range fire from the Imperial hits the George, breaking a mast and causing what crew she has left to start manning the pumps least she sink.

A close range volley this time.  The Royal George has again loaded with double shot.

Back to long range and the Imperial scores more crew hits.

Ineffectual fire from the now seriously compromised Royal George.

The killing blow.  A final close range blast from the Imperial wipes out the George's crew ability to continue the fight and she is forced to strike her colours.

It was an epic struggle with lots of moves required to turn the big ships about so they could reengage.  The above pictures only capture the intermittent bombardments that occurred during the game.

Also note the new flag on the Imperial.  It is made from printed paper and wire and replaces the original "thick" molded flag.

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  1. "Father's Day - nice one, I'm expecting aftershave"

    You don't still rely on your children to get the gift do you? I started buying my own years ago, and have never got something I didn't want :)

    This year my children have, unknowingly, purchased me a couple of books on the South American Wars of Liberation. They'll be thrilled when I show them on the day :)