Thursday, August 21, 2014

Down in Flames

Last night at the club I took part in a four player game of Wings of Glory.  It was basically a repeat of last weeks game, but with different players.  I took a trusty Sopwith Camel and was joined by Stephen N who took two Camels as we attempted to stop a reconnaissance mission by Steve B and Marty flying a pair of Halberstadts.

That's my Camel in the foreground, left hand side.  We are circling around Marty's Halberstadt.  As it is Stephen's collection I suppose it is okay for his hand to appear

Same shot, different focus.

They might only have single guns, but they've got one front and rear and that makes the Halberstadt tough to engage.  After getting off lightly in previous flybys this time I coped a short range burst.  One of the other Camels got the same from the observer.

My Camel caught fire.

And that was it.

Down I go.

Not all bad as I have a cold and an early night was appreciated.  I wonder what happened?  When I left the Germans had not yet accomplished their mission.

Apart from the altitude rules being a hindrance and collisions being all to common, another thing that I think is flawed is that there is no opportunity fire.  Planes just didn't move and fire they flew and fired continuously.


  1. Your photos from these games gets better and better! Lovely stuff! I'm not surprised if you are looking for more from the rules. The base set are fun, easy and entertaining, especially as a multi-player game; in a 'beer and pretzels' style. Rather than tweaking the rules, perhaps a campaign would add another level of 'realism'?

    1. I'm letting Stephen run with the campaign. I'm also having fun playing this by email.