Sunday, August 17, 2014

Waterloo Dutch Belgian Artillery

Typical.  I paint up a few of the Waterloo 1815 Dutch Belgian artillery as what I think will pass as horse artillery and a day later find this great uniform reference:

It is worth reproducing the uniform plate here as encouragement to go and visit the site:

The site is a challenge to navigate, especially with my limited (and failure to improve) French language skills.  I only stumbled across it because I was researching the Dutch-Belgian Carabiniers and then through following what turned out to be some kind of reenactment group forum.

Anyway, until this set back I was really pleased with these guys, but now...

This guy actually is a horse artillery officer.  I did him to be a stand in staff officer for Shako.  The uniform including whiskers is based on the Uniforms of Waterloo plate 35.

Well, these guys look like foot artillery now.  Only things wrong are the absence of a red tip to their plume and the presence of the red stripe on their pants, easily fixed, but I did such a good job on the stripe plus the grey of the pants was a mix.

Animation is great and they were a treat to paint.

Being out of focus only makes them more animated.

Just look at that lovely red stripe.

I just need to paint the blue grenades on his coat tails and he is as perfect as I would want.

So, instead of four horse artillery gunners which would have given me the two horse artillery batteries I want for my Napoleon's Battles OOB, I now have four foot gunners which I don't want.  I have plenty of spares so I might have a go at converting, which would be good practice before I tackle the carabiniers.


  1. Very nice Mark - and yes, that website is an absolute beauty.

  2. They look fabulous Mark, particularly the 'staffie'. You'll have to make sure that you roll a six or two—no problem for you, of course!

    The cent jours site is magnificent, isn't it? You already know of Empire histofig, I trust?

    1. Thanks,

      No I didn't - another French site to challenge me!

  3. They look brilliant, Mark - can't wait for Waterloo and am only sorry I will be overseas for the 15mm version in Perth!