Friday, February 3, 2023

Nikephorian Byzantines versus Classical Indians

In a competition game for the club's Basic Impetus League, my Nikephorians faced Mark Woods' Classical Indians.

The Byzantines were outscouted so that put them on the defensive,
however they did win the initiative on the opening turns,
not that it did them any good...

The Byzantine light cavalry start to move on the Indian's left flank
while their slingers look for a target.

The Byzantine army waits patiently while the light cavalry sweep round the enemy's flank.

The Indians advance coming under long range bow fire.

While the Byzantine light cavalry flit about,
the slingers withstand the charge of the Indian chariots

The chariots are yet to prevail (4 dice to 2)
The Indians have now got their elephants in striking range.
Action has commenced on the Byzantine left wing.

The first charge by the elephants failed to follow up.
The Byzantine light cavalry have routed the Indian Palace Guard (lucky die rolls)
and the Byzantine cavalry have routed the Indian cavalry

The elephants, now joined by the chariots (much reduced), charge again.
Both wings have been taken, 
although it will take time for the Byzantine cavalry on the left to turn around.

The Byzantine archery is decimating its opponents.
The Byzantine cavalry is repositioning.
The Indian elephants, even with the help of the chariots,
have been having a hard time making any progress.

A final charge by the elephants produced annihilation on both sides.
But victory had already been assured for the Byzantines,
when their light cavalry delivered a devastating volley to the chariots.

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