Sunday, February 5, 2023

Don't Mention The War - Part 35

This session started with the production phase that concluded the January/February 1944 Turn (which also saw the Communist conquest of Ukraine but the less said about that the better).

The only bright note is the increase in the production multiple which is allowing Germany to keep its builds up.

March/April 1944

The critical roll was initiative.  Would the Empires of Evil be able to exploit their dastardly mission with a double move?  Greater dice skills prevailed.  Germany threw a 5 for the Axis while Russia threw a 6 for the Allies.  The dice Gods are cruel.  Germany had a plus one on the dice and would win ties.  Victory!  Or rather crushing defeat delayed for a brief while.

Next critical role was weather.  Fine everywhere except the arctic which is all of the Eastern Front were it was rain, glorious rain.

German forces pulling back in the east

The Soviet made a halfhearted attempt to catch some Germans as they were retreating (a mere 5 on the 2D10 just produced a retreat which the Germans happily accepted, hurrying on their way).

However with the fine weather in the West the Imperialists spent Offensive Points doing concurrent Land, Naval and Air impulses.

The massed air attacks achieved very little apart from sending more allied aircrews to Stalag 13.

Negotiations have already commenced on a future TV series

The attacks in Western Europe did very little and in the Mediterranean the Imperialists just grabbed some tourist attractions on the Adriatic coast.

Allied cruise ships somewhere in the Mediterranean.
Or rather that should be "everywhere".

Greek forces retook Salonika in a squiggly 14 attack (losses all taken by partisan units who would have been slipping (or slurping) back to their homes anyway.

In China there was a low odds attack that rolled ToTT and removed three Japanese units (which can now be rebuilt back in the homeland in time for its defence - the game is funny like that).

The weather roll for the second impulse is storms and rain in the west, but snow in the east.


  1. ... and the Luftwaffe success against the imperial bombers - both destroyed and no losses to Strategic bombing.