Thursday, June 30, 2022

Middle Parthian versus Later Parthian - Twice!

My newly purchased Parthians fought Russel's newly arrived Parthians, in not one, but two games in the one night.  Easy with Basic Impetus.

Game One

Light cavalry and skirmishers to the fore,
cataphracts in reserve.

I got off to an aggressive start.

Better still I started to get the best of the skirmishing.

Sweeping round the enemy left
screening their right

Cataphracts are now in striking distance

The battle is in the balance

So often with my images you miss the detail of the figures

It was bloody, but a victory is a victory

Game Two

I out scouted my opponent this time and deployed accordingly.
That is a patch of difficult going in the centre.

Again a bold advance with my light cavalry
Cataphracts in reserve slowly moving up

Initial fighting saw the enemy light cavalry and skirmishers stripped away
from their cataphracts

Their only option was to charge

Luckily I was able to pull some light cavalry back
to cover the enemy flanking move

The enemy cataphracts are tough, even when surrounded

But my dice prevailed.


  1. 2 from 2 Well done! The figures all look fantastic

    1. Thanks. My opponent was a bit new to his army and the rules. That said he had plenty of beginner's luck with his dice