Thursday, July 19, 2018

Vikings versus Late Sassanids

Back to 15mm for this game.

 I hadn't researched what a Sassanid Army would be like in Basic Impetus 
and so I set up very defensively with my flanks well defended.

 Turn 1 and the Vikings advance, while noting the Sassanid strength on their left has also advanced.

 Turn 2 and my right flank has engaged the enemy that has thrust wildly forward.

 Turn 3 and things get interesting.  
There is a brutal standoff after an unsuccessful flank attack by the Vikings.
(Top left hand corner - both sides suffered two casualties, a case of the Vikings rolling high for Cohesion.  This was not to be the first time this occurred...)

 Turn 4.  The centre is closing.

 Turn 5 - The Right Flank.  
One Viking unit has been routed and the other has been savaged (after a poor Cohesion roll).
In the broken ground an epic fight is about to start between Sassanid cavalry and some Irish.

 Turn 5 - The Centre.  
It was the start of some confused fighting, but the Vikings seemed to get off to a good start.

 Turn 5 - The Left Flank.
Would these guys please hurry up and join the battle?

 Turn 6 - The Centre.
The berserkers are getting ready...
Meanwhile the grind continues.
Sassanid CinC with his cavalry have been routed.  Yeah!

 Turn 6 - The Right Flank.
The fighting in the broken ground continues.
The Sassanid light cavalry is effectively spent.
But they do have one good body of cavalry remaining.

Turn 7 - Berserkers.

 Turn 7 - The Right Flank.
The Irish won the broken ground (just - they are down to 1 factor remaining).
Amazing the equally reduced Vikings held off the Sassanid cavalry.

Turn 7 - The Centre.
The fighting was a non-event, clearly everyone was exhausted and it was time to go home.

Even with my crappy dice rolls, I was surprised how well the Vikings can do.  Clearly terrain is important, but they have numbers.  The Berserkers are also fairly flexible as they have the movement capabilities of skirmishers.

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