Friday, July 13, 2018

France 40 - Take Two - Part Two

Today Richard and I finished the Sickle Cut scenario.  As the game is played at his place, he'd had a few hours to contemplate his next move.  The Germans broke through!  It was time for a desperate counterattack.

A point was found where the German thrust had created a narrow neck just right for cutting.  
De Gaulle was ready.

Success of sorts...De Gaulle is seriously exposed.

The situation at the end of May 21.
That is Rommel at the very top of the map, just a short distance from Abbeville on the coast which will cut the rail line and effectively give the Germans a victory.

On May 22 the fighting had continued to sever the neck, 
but it was ultimately unsuccessful.

Game over.

We thought about going into extended time, but a look at the Allied reinforcements showed that were going to appear mainly in the South East which was too far for them to get into action.  The Germans were making progress in the North and could move more troops to match the French in the centre.


  1. Great AAR. I am sure that scares like that would have influenced later German operations.

    1. Thanks.

      The game system GMT have developed for WW2 division level operations certainly seems to work well.