Wednesday, July 11, 2018

France 40 - Take Two - Part One

Richard and I started a repeat of the GMT France 40 game.  I went French.  The Scenario is The Sickle Cut - Guderian's Drive to the Sea.

 May 13, tanks are heard rumbling in the woods.

May 14, the German attack is confirmed.
The river line has been breached in two places

 May 15, the Allies pull back, attempting to form a new line.

 May 16, Rommel looks like he has broken through.
British troops are being rushed to plug the gap.

 May 17, and the Hitler Halt is invoked.
Namur is abandoned.

 May 18, and the delay has allowed the Allies to close the gap.

 May 19, but the Germans keep pushing.
All their armoured divisions are now committed to creating a breakthrough.

 May 20, if only the Allies could mount a counterattack...

 At this stage it looks like we will be going into extended time.

The big picture.  This is a game of punch and block.

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