Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Dark Age Reinforcements

I've only ever had enough Dark Age stands to create a few DBA armies, but since fielding my 28mm Vikings as a Basic Impetus army, and more importantly committing to play in the club's Impetus league, I thought I better see if I can field an Viking army in 15mm.

On the workbench I had a hodgepodge of Dark Age figures that I have been working on for at least 10 years. Sadly I can no longer remember or recognize the brands, even if I ever could.

Time to get them, or at least some of them, finished.

 Seven standard WRG bases will provide me with two units of Viking raiders.

 I really needed eight stands, but I have spare I can add to boost the number.

 These guys were going to be Light Foot (LF) but I recalled they are really meant to be close order and having eight figures that is how I based them up.  So they are Heavy Foot (FP).

 They are suitably generic, apart from the rather distinctive early German shield pattern.

 You can never have too many camp elements.  This one is going to fill in for some heavy foot.

These guys will be sitting out the battle.