Saturday, February 17, 2018

Something about a tree

I could get all deep and meaningful and say that if a tree falls in a forest does anyone notice, but nah...

This is a club tree that was used in my last game now restored to its former glory.

Beautiful trunk

The tree had broken from its original trunk and so I decided to make it a new one using a black straw, PVA glue and sand plus lots of paint.  The fit was perfect and I decided to dull down the base a bit as it was very bright.

This post is actually because I have three big painting projects underway that just don't seem to be getting close to finishing and I had a need for at least closure on something.  The three projects are:

  • a heap of stuff I am doing for my 15mm Western Desert Force (stuck with having used Desert Yellow when I should have used Dark Sand and whether to use transfer or hand paint insignia or just leave them out);
  • thirty 28mm Madists (stuck with a range of basing options); and 
  • 24 Napoleonic Middle Guard in 15mm (when I would rather be painting Russian Dragoons).


  1. I know that feeling! Wanting to just finish something, anything, for a small injection of accomplishment. 😀

    Tree looks good and pretty big.

    1. Thanks.

      I can take no credit for the tree, just the trunk :-)

      The base diameter could do to be a bit bigger as the model is a bit top heavy. Happens to the best of trees - they need good roots.