Thursday, February 8, 2018

Hawk People versus the Skellies

I dragged Stephen away from work and put him in command of a dozen skellies defending their home from a flock of Hawk People.

 Skellies in the attic, minding their own business.

All the Skellies were Q3 C2.

Flap, flap. flap...

The Hawk Lord was Q3 C3 Leader, the Gargoyle was Q4 C4 Artificial and Tough and the remaining Hawk People were Q3 C3.  All had the flying ability.  While heavily outnumbered, the point value was identical at 312 per side.


 The Skellies gang up.
It goes bad for the Hawk Person.

 Knock down.

 Oh dear, one of the Hawk People get knocked down.
Fails to stand up...

Okay, she's really a Harpy.  Painted in 1986 if you must know.

 The Hawk Lord on its portable cloud battles on.

 Progress is being made.

 But the fighting rages on, with more Skellies joining in.

A fallen figure is quickly dispatched.

The loss of this character caused the Hawk Lord and Gargoyle to test.  The Gargoyle backed off a bit, but the Hawk Lord kept fighting.  He was soon surrounded and defeated before the Gargoyle could save him.  The Gargoyle then fled.  Fair enough.

Great little game.



    1. He has returned safely to the garden.

      But wait till we get the Barsoom inspired flying boats launched, then we will see some true Hawkmen action.

  2. Brilliant Mark - love seeing these “Quirky”, in the nicest possible sense, Games at the club.

    1. Thanks Carlo. The beauty of these rules is that you can play with just about any figures and the rules are simple, but give a great game.

  3. Have you really had a harpy figure for 30 years just stashed away and still was able to find it??!! Incredible.

    Serves those hawk people right for picking on some harmless skeletons.

    1. Yes, two harpies on the square bases were done decades ago, and I'm pretty sure this was their first game. The other Hawk dudes were all recent paint jobs and their first game as well, so no wonder they lost.

      I have some flying Martian characters that I need to get into action, a bulk purchase already painted, just need some repairs. Maybe they will take on the skellies next?