Friday, February 9, 2018

Napoleonic Russian Dragoons Uniform details from Military Modelling August 1976

So I am working my way through my Military Modelling magazines and creating an index.  It is a nice background task and frequently I find articles that support one or more of my various painting/gaming projects that I have on the go.  When I found this one on Russian Dragoons I just knew I had to do some.  I even know a lead mountain were some suitable figures languish.

Apart from a bit of nostalgia and of course inspiration, this two page article is fairly redundant as regards information given all the other sources readily available on the Internet.  However this article does serve me as a much appreciated research item and I hate for it to be hidden away.

I am of course making no claim on this information or image and would believe that it is covered under some form of copyright somewhere, although not maybe in the country in which this article is being viewed, stored or transiting, such is the web.

What I do know is that you can no longer buy this magazine from the publisher or their "descendants" which really means if it is not to be lost it needs to be "put out there."  And anyway, I've got more important things to think about.


  1. Looks like a useful article for naps players. You can even read it when the pics are enlarged. I’m sure no one will fret over the copyright and you preserving it.

    1. Nearly all my posted images are just a fraction of the actual size. I'm amazed at some of the detail that appears in the big picture. I have to admit in this case I hadn't checked, so it is good to know the words are legible. Just annoyed the date got a bit cut at the top.

      Copyright is a funny thing, it seems to serve lawyers more than creators. Things will get a whole lot more interesting with 3D printing and associated scanners...