Thursday, January 4, 2018

Thracians versus New Kingdom Egyptian

First game for the year got off to a good start with a Basic Impetus 2  against Dave.  Pity the good start didn't turn into a good ending, but a very enjoyable game all the same.

 My Thracians facing the New Kingdom.
Of course the New Kingdom is 700 or more years older than the Thracians...

 Action developed on my left.
Not concerned provided my light cavalry evade.

On my right it looks like my horse archers better get ready to evade as well.

Both units failed to evade,
although the light cavalry put up a good fight.

 It is not going well for the Thracians.
It was looking promising for a while...

 My general with the noble cavalry will snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

 Or not...

The charge, while successful, was too little too late.  Still, it made me feel good.

Great little game.  An order of magnitude up on DBA, and one down from Impetus.

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