Friday, January 19, 2018

Alexander Empire versus Classical Indian

Wednesday night at the club I had another game with Dave who ran Classical Indians.  How would Alexander fair? 

Well I just went with the standard list for Basic Impetus 2, so no Alexander option.  Maybe that was where I went wrong?

 I was very happy with my deployment and advanced aggressively.

 The Indians didn't move which gave me a chance to envelope their left flank.

 I kept my cavalry in reserve and pushed ahead with the infantry.

 First contact went bad.  Small losses were magnified by seriously failed cohesion tests.

 But we fought on, surely my pikes would skewer those pachyderms real soon now...

 I commit the cavalry and balance is restored.  
Now for the infantry!

 Oh dear!

My cavalry continued to engage the enemy, but couldn't pull off any decisive kills.
Victory to the Indians.

Great game system for a quick (two hour, 3x4 foot table, 100 figure) battle.


  1. Oh dear indeed Mark! Excellent report and the aerial style shots are such a great way to depict the action as it unfolds.

  2. Thanks Carlo. Nothing like having a Gods' eye-view.

  3. All your infantry seemed to lose their engagements. Unusual for Macedonians. Were your hypaspists pike armed?

    1. Javelin armed and sadly couldn't hit a thing.

      As long as I'm having fun and getting games I don't mind a loss, which is a good thing given recent performance.

  4. Sounds like your dice need some extra motivation...there are ways... 😀

    But as you say, it’s not winning or losing but the game that is the fun.

    1. It's those red die. I use them for Saga as well and the results are also miserable. They are not in phase. Not sure about Saga, but Impetus has times when you want sixes and times when you want ones.