Saturday, January 13, 2018

Hinchcliffe Barsoom Miniatures

I currently have a project to go through all my Military Modelling magazines and index them.  There is about fifteen years worth so it is not an impossible task and without an index they are fairly worthless as a reference source.  It is not such a chore as going through them generates waves of nostalgia. 

In going through the March 1975 issue I found this:

I've previously posted on SF13 Plant Man.  I'm just embarrassed that it has taken me so long to progress this project.

Here are SF3 Red Martian Warrior, sword and dagger and SF4 Red Martian Maiden. 

Lovely bendy Hinchcliffe figures. 

Rear view

They featured in the previous post and just took a mere four years to complete.  No progress on the other Hinchcliffe figures or those from TinMan Miniatures that I purchased a year or so back. 

The catalyst for this post was realizing that the new John Carter kickstarter has miniatures that are 32mm. 


  1. Good idea starting an index! I started one for my collection of wargaming magazines, and I still maintain it. I made it an open resource for everyone to use, see here:

    1. Your site is fantastic. I'm also relieved you have not already done Military Modelling. I plan to make mine publicly available and will look at what you have done.

  2. Good gnus! Broadsword Miniatures have plans to recast as much of the Hinchliffe John Carter range as they can!