Thursday, January 11, 2018

A Chance Meeting

What happens when five foraging Frenchmen meet five foraging Prussians?  Let's see...

 We divided the table into six sectors and then diced for each figure placement.

Mark B went French and his officer popped up in sector 1, he then had one man in each of sectors 4 and 6 and 2 in sector 5.  The Prussians, who were identical in factors to the French, appeared as two in each of Sectors 1 and 6 with their officer in sector 4.  Clearly the officers had gone off to investigate while their mean looked for chickens.

 It looked bad for the French officer, especially after he threw a very bad activation roll.
The Prussians then reloaded, which was a mistake, they should have gone in with the bayonet.

 The French started shooting.

 And congregating.  

The Prussian officer had made an epic run for his life earlier and was trying to get his mean together.

 The French officer had escaped and was getting his men into action.

 At this stage the Prussians are two men down, but now have their act together.

 The French are maintaining the pressure.

 But the Prussians are able to even the score.

But it was not to be.
With another casualty it was time to run away.


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    1. Yes, Songs of Drums and Shakos - the clue is in the label to the post :-)

      It is an excellent engine. Next game plus one will be Galleys and Galleons which has the same engine. Period will be the same, but the combatants very different.