Friday, September 8, 2017

Ukraine 43 - Part One

I have to say GMT make great games.  When Richard suggested playing this one I couldn't resist.  It is a new system, but still based on the classic attack/defence/move set of counter numbers and the I move, I attack, you move, you attack game turn sequence.  The innovation comes with the zones of control (ZoC) and the combat results table (CRT).

Opening scene, from the Axis side.

On the first turn the Soviets knock a hole in the line north of Kharkov which the Axis rush to fill.

End of turn 3.
There has been lots of fighting around Belograd and Sumy.
The Soviets have also started to attack along the coast of the Sea of Azov.

End of Turn 4.
The Soviets have finally captured Belograd.
The Axis have been counterattacking around Sumy with the Grossdeutschland Division,
which Richard keeps reminder me "has Tiger tanks".


  1. Nice! One of my favorite boardgames is MMP's A Victory Lost, so I'll be very keen to follow along with your reports and see how Ukraine '43 goes.


  2. Thanks. We will have at least one more session. There is a sudden death option if the Soviets get 3 more or 3 less VPs than the benchmark. So far I am equal to the benchmark, but then I've captured the three easiest locations and I'm yet to get a breakthrough. That said, I've almost cleared the Axis fortified line in key locations.

  3. GMT do make a number of terrific designs with first rate components. Probably one of my current favorite game companies.

  4. Yes, the maps and counters are first rate, as are the rulebooks. The great thing is the rulebooks are available online and there are also Vassal modules (although I must resist until I at least finish WBTS).

    The exciting thing about this new system is that Richard has the Normandy and Ardennes games which also use it. Our board game playing is mapped out for a while I think.

    1. Online "living" rulebooks is a bonus, for sure, and having a VASSAL module is most helpful for playing with remote opponent. I have a game of GMT's 1914 Offensive a Outrance in play at present. This is my first look at this series and my opponent and I are working are way through the introductory scenario. WWI operational combat is a different beast than what I am used to seeing. Very interesting.

    2. Haven't seen their WW1 games. I did enjoy the SPI WWI war in the east quad game set (that's not the correct title, but the series started with Tannenberg which was an S&T magazine game).