Thursday, September 14, 2017

Burgundian Ordonnance versus Romans

From the historical to the hysterical.

Last night at the club my Burgundians took on Andrew's Romans in a friendly game of Impetus.

 Off to a good start, but as he is not the CinC he can not be upgraded.  
But at least he can't be downgraded.

Even though I went attacker I deployed defensively.
I need to do better when it comes to setting terrain. 

 The Romans are coming!
I wasn't happy with my deployment and started trying to wheel to correct it.
I left the big guns out of this maneuver.

 The Romans were also shuffling around (hence their brown squares of disorder).
I also discovered that my charismatic CinC didn't have the ability to make the enemy go first.
Only geniuses can do that.

My guys were having trouble finding their target.
Not so the Romans.

 My right wing is crumbly fast.

 My CinC loses his charisma

 But he leads the knights in a final glorious charge.

With my right wing broken, it is time for the centre to withdraw.

Impetus plays well, but I am still learning.  For instance, artillery is destroyed on contact.


  1. Your Burgundians are 1-1 of late. Not sure my position on non-historical match-ups but I guess that is part and parcel to tournament play. Nevertheless, game looks good and you seem to gaming in some form almost daily.

    1. Historical match-ups are best, but ancients does lend itself to all sorts of encounters. This battle worked okay, but my luck was out with my missile fire (and some other rolls).

      Not only gaming but modelling too, although these last few weeks it has been looking to the basing of my ACW troops (just applying magnetic strip and doing a few repairs, nothing to blog about).

      But certainly with boardgames, it is much easier to be constantly gaming :-)