Friday, September 8, 2017

Burgundian Ordonnance versus Republic of Florence

In a contemporary encounter (late Fifteenth Century), my Burgundians took on Dave's Florentines, or, for the foodies, a battle of wine meets biscuits.  [Aside: Google is trying to tell me that should be "bottle of wine".]

It was my first club competition game in this year's Impetus league.

The view from the rear

The view from the front

Grrr... Off to an immediate bad start when my charismatic C-in-C is downgrade.
Must have had unsightly red wine stains on his tunic.

I put my large right wing command on opportunity and advanced with my left.

The enemy artillery got an early disorder on my longbow

The advance of the palisades

The enemy were slowly advancing and my missile fire was starting to take effect.
Their right wing general was hit.

And it was on the enemy's right that I made my big push.

The Florentines realised they were at risk of being flattened
 and so made a rush for my lines, but didn't quite make it.

But contact finally occurred.  It was largely a stalemate to start with.

The my far right began looking frail.

My left wing came in and the Florentine's crumbled.
My line started to looked a bit dashed.

But time had got away from us.
It was a slight draw for my troops at 49 points to 41.


  1. Good to see two fine looking armies in battle using Impetvs.

    1. Thanks. I can only take credit for the Burgundians. I started them back in the WRG 7th Edition days. They are obviously still going strong :-)

  2. Don't know the battle system, but I do like the armies!

    1. I (and my wargaming club) switched from Field of Glory to these rules. FoG was good, great improvement on WRG 7th, but Impetus better. There just needs to be a new edition of Impetus to capture all the errata and also to encapsulate the improvements in the Basic Impetus rules.