Thursday, September 1, 2016

Bringing up the rear

Last night it was time for chariot races.

Well I got off to a good start (that's me in second place)

Slipped back to middle position

You have to admire my style

Second place and feeling confident

Round the bend - went out a bit wide...

And now I'm behind :-(

But it's still anyone's race

Oh dear, the crowd are not pleased

And now I'm coming last.

Some kind of switcheroo going on here

At least I'm catching up

Or not...

Not looking good now

Not getting better either

Who said money switched hands?

Olivier, the experienced driver, without his whip and no use of his burst of speed, crosses the finishing line in style.  Dave in the "Greys" comes second and I, due to Brendan and Gareth crashing when they tried to supercharge their chariots, came third (or last depending on how you spin it).

A second race was held, but I retired shamed,

Thanks Dave for organising the game.  I had lots of laughs.

PS Thanks to the NPBC for returning the money after they discovered I'd handed over too much when I'd paid the rent.


  1. Chariot racing is always good for a bit of comic relief as a respite from "serious" wargaming. Great stuff!

    1. Thanks. There were certainly plenty of laughs to be had in this game, and not just at my bad rolling.

  2. Love those chariot races. Mr Barker's blood is worth bottling!

    1. I'm working on my own chariot, black with gold and red trim. Sadly it will a tad too large to race in these games. I picked up a new set of chariot racing rules and will be able to match it against my some other chariots I have (that recently saw action your way). Stay tuned.

  3. I think the idea of chariot racing is awesome. Chariot racing in Rome got enormous crowds that are only exceeded by the crowds at NASCAR racing in the US - which is basically the same thing but with more horsepower. :)
    Remember red chariots go faster.

    1. My chariot is black with gold trim. But I did put a coat of super fast red on the wheels. Almost finished.