Sunday, September 4, 2016

Dogger Bank Scenario from SPI's Dreadnought

Especially for Father's Day, my daughter bravely took the Grand Fleet (or part there of) out to chase off the Imperial Germany's High Seas Fleet (or part there of).

If it looks upside down it's not because the game is being played in Australia, 
it's because the daughter took the camera to fix it.

So the British sighted the Germans and gave chase.  
Apparently the British knew of the raid having intercepted and decrypted German naval codes.
(And dad has grabbed back the camera so all is now right with the world)

The Germans head south west into the British screen and the first torpedo attack.
The British look a bit scattered and have taken some damage.

More torpedoes that the Germans are having to manoeuvre around.

This set of torpedoes caused a drastic change of plan.

The damaged Blucher is left behind as the Germans break for the south.

The Blucher is wrecked, but takes out the New Zealand.

The chase is on.
The Germans get to damage some of the British destroyers by using their secondary batteries.

The Seydlitz is damaged, but is still able to make good speed.  
However the Germans are now seriously out gunned.


And the Germans sail off into the sunset.
Middlesbrough is saved 
(I made that up, the historical objective was fishing vessels operating in the Dogger Bank).
But the cost was high 20.8 VPs as against 31.5 for the Germans.

Apart from the Blucher and New Zealand being wrecked, a British destroyer flotilla was wrecked and another one damaged.

Elegant and simple system allowing simultaneous movement with simple record keeping.  Counters are a bit small and of course has none of the visual appeal of playing with miniatures.  But if I was to make some big hex sheets and get some small scale vessels...

A lunch of fish and chips overlooking the Indian Ocean and with me regaling family of the game's progress had the mother of my daughter ask if we were playing in the water.

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