Thursday, September 15, 2016

Early Macedonian Successor versus Gauls

Almost an historical game if my history serves me well (Gauls are some type of Galatians I think).  Whatever, it ended up badly, for the Greeks :-(

My Greeks face the onslaught of the Graham's impetuous Gauls. 
I decided to hold back and hope for a counter charge by starting (and staying) on opportunity.

Things look promising...

I advanced my peltasts and Thracians to contest the steep hill on my left.  

I had high expectations which unfortunately were not met.

My right held back.  I sent some Greek light cavalry out to skirmish, 
but unfortunately they seemed to have forgotten to take a supply of javelins.

Even though outnumbered I thought it best to throw in the Thessalian cavalry.

Things were going badly on my left.

The right wing cavalry continue to fight as the centre goes into the attack. 

While on the left the C-in-C goes in with his elite cavalry.

My right wing cavalry collapse, but the infantry are fighting hard

My left wing collapses as well along with the C-in-C 
who suffered a run of single casualties due to being disordered

At this stage only the infantry remain. 
 They might prevail, but it would have been left very exposed if they did.

Time to concede.

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