Sunday, September 11, 2016

Rescue the Governor

At the NWS Games Day I was fortunate to take command of the cavalry that was part of the relief force to sent to rescue the Governor.

My lads, 10th Hussars flanked by the 9th Bengal Lancers.

Cavalry moving up with the 28th Bengal Infantry to the right and 
the Royal Marine Light Infantry to the fore

Intrepid reporter

It's a long way to go to the Governor's residence

The going gets rough 

The Bengal lancers get stuck into the Fuzzy Wuzzys who threaten the column;
spear and ask questions later seems to be the call of the day

28th Bengal Infantry and the 10th Hussars moving up 
while the Bengal lancers do their bit for Queen and Country


Exactly - Where the bloody hell did they get that from...

The cavalry push on, bravely ignoring the cannon.

The flanking fire was...


The Imperial cavalry are now bogged down in rough terrain

The whole relief force looks strung out

The 3rd Battalion Egyptian Foot look in dire straits

Bengal lancers engage the Mahdist cavalry

The enemy are repelled

The enemy come back

And are driven off again

The relief column, now more of a line, continue their advance to rescue the Governor

The Governor and his wife watches as Mahdist cavalry swarm around

The cavalry, under my command, push back the enemy

The Colonel of the 10th Hussars  pleads with the Governor to leave, 
but he refuses to budge to such lowly authority.
Luckily the Major-General is on his way.

The 9th Bengal Lancers charge the enemy

The 10th Hussars smash into the Madhist infantry

The Colonel gets a whiff of ???
It smells like victory

The Governor agrees to be escorted from the field by the brave beau sabres of the 10th Hussars.
He says it's just like hunting with the hounds

Brilliant game!  Thanks for organising it, Carlo!


  1. Fantastic looking painted figures! and game plus terrain - Marvelous!


    1. Thanks Phil, although I can take no credit for the figures or terrain. Check out his site for these rules: Top stuff!

  2. Wonderful photos Mark - you were a brilliant cavalry commander. Lots of wonderful moments in the game mate and will write up a few in a blog report later in the week. Lots of fun and the Imperial players worked very well together!

  3. Looks and sounds like a most enjoyable game.
    (Great looking stuff Carlo)

    1. It most certainly was. Not sure if the system would work for Napoleonics (maybe an 1814 or Spanish Peninsula affair perhaps?)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Al. I can't take credit for the game, but I can for the pics :-)