Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Duke of Brunswick and Nassau mounted officer

These are the missing two figures for the Waterloo game this Saturday.

From left to right an AB mounted Dutch officer and the AB Duke of Brunswick.

The Black Duke looking blacker than normal.

This figure is substituting for general Krusse, but should probably be wearing a bicorne, however this is one of his staff filling in with a dramatic pose.

The Duke again before I found I had switched off the flash.  He is representing the command of the Brunswick Corps at Waterloo, or rather the commander of the Corps has dressed like the Duke to keep his spirit alive.

Green is probably a tad too bright, but he will look good on the table top.

My first attempt to paint black.  The coat had a brown wash of sorts while the rest had a grey tint.

The skyline pose as it was meant to be.

I drilled out some of the reins on both of the figures.

I also cleaned up around the sword on both figures.

Labelled for Napoleon's Battles.  His name is Krusse, he has a 3 inch command span and has an average rating with a 5 response number and no combat modifier.  In other words he is very average.  His command is the Nassau "brigade", part of the Reserve Corps and his formation has a fatigue level of 1 (which is an advantage).

The special hinged labels can be easily hidden if need be.  

How will he, and the Duke, perform on Saturday?


  1. Beautiful! Good luck for the game!

    1. Thanks. I consider myself lucky to have been able to get the game together.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. I'm getting pretty excited about the game, and I'm just the umpire.

  3. Hinged labels! Genius Idea...too late for our big game but I'll remember that for the future. Thanks a lot. Best of luck for your game.

    1. Thanks. Labels! Grrr. The stand Napoleon's Battles labels are something like 1B/1/I for first brigade, first division, first corps. I decided to be clever and name them as best I could for the regiments (easy for Prussians, not too hard for French and for the Allies I went with the actual brigade number). I've now found that my deployment map has the brigades named after their commanders.

  4. How will he, and the Duke perform? Dreadfully!


    Vive l'emperour !