Friday, June 5, 2015

100 Years War English vs Feudal Castilian

Yesterday Mark W and I had a game of FOG using two of his armies (I think I've got the names right).  I ran the English and it was a damn exciting game.

The Castilian light horse advance on my left.

The English knights in reserve.

My left deployment was, in retrospect, poor.  I should have had one of my units of longbow in the village.

As it was they started to make their way through the village while other longbowmen held the enemy light horse at bay.  This would be the beginning of a real see-saw battle.

I felt out numbered, but was able to extend my right flank with longbowmen going out to check the enemy knights while my dismounted men-at-arms tried to stare down enemy spearmen (who were supported by crossbows).  My knights hurried to fill the gap.

The fighting on my left was going well until...

I rushed one of my generals to take charge of the stricken longbowmen to gain time for the companion unit to come to its aid.

Everything was positioned well on my right.  Bring it on!

The fighting on the left continued.  The general sent to get things under control died in the attempt, but help has arrived, but is it too late?

On the right the longbowmen saw off the enemy knights while my knights fought grimly on.  The dismounted men-at-arms, out numbered, but doing well.

On the left things were looking good...

While on the right things were looking really good.

The centre has finally closed and again my dismounted men-at-arms are fighting well.

On the left the hard fighting longbowmen collapsed.

The enemy were welcome to the English camp and all its bad food.  The enemy left flank and centre had been destroyed and their morale failed.  Victory!


  1. One of my favourite armies and one of my favourite games! Great post.

    1. Thanks. I've always enjoyed my FOG games, although I need to put more effort in to learning them.