Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wings of Glory Play by Email - Game 13

Thanks to Bruce for running this game and letting me participate.

The aim was to defend your balloons and attack the enemy's balloons.  It was early war planes and I had command of H1 at Nieuport 17 and H2 an Airco DH2.

I decided to go after the enemy with H1 while H2 would defend, took me a while to get my bearings (if, indeed, I ever did).

Oh dear, H1 is on fire and H2 gets walloped.

It just gets worse for H1 and things don't look good for H2 either.

Both planes on fire!

After giving serious thought to trying to crash H1 into the enemy balloon, it tries to maneuver to put out the flames.  H2 will try the same tactic.

My burning planes continue their desperate attempts to put out their respective fires.  Other planes are not so fortunate,

H1 should head for home and H2 thinks maybe he should do the same.

But both of my planes decide to stay in the fight.  Brave lads!

Both planes are back in action.  They need to be as our side has lost more planes.

H1's pilot is wounded which cramps his shooting, but all the same, he is feeling pretty good about himself.  H2 is trying hard to acquire a target.

The balloons have now been winched to safety, a few enemy planes remain to be taken care of.

H1 gets in some shots and H2 is closing in...

But nothing happens.  Best play it safe as it is time to start thinking of heading home.

What?  Suddenly H1 is done for and H2 surrounded by the enemy.  Oh dear, this is not good, not good at all...

H2 puts up a brave fight as help arrives to drive off the enemy planes.

H2 picks up the "First to Bar" award.  Well deserved as it landed full of holes and burnt fabric - 11 damage out of a max of 13.  Phew!

Great fun and big thanks to Bruce for keeping my moves sorted out and doing all the work.

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