Friday, March 1, 2024

Ill Gotten Gains

Simon put on this game at the club.  My Sudanese figures got to venture on to the Table Top in the pay of a dastardly adventurer who had looted ivory and gems from Africa.  The rules were Men Who Would Be Kings.  Karl was on the dark side as well, looking after red and blue Arab gunmen.  Curtis and John were the good if very unlucky natives - Massai warriors.

Trudge, trudge, trudge.
The white Arab gunmen seem a bit reluctant.

Natives arrive on the left,
but they soon scatter after a few volleys from the blue Arabs,
and a shot or two from the cannon (not yet in view).

More natives, this time on the right.
Note cannon at top of the image.
There is also the plane, which the dastardly adventurer intends to make good his escape in.

My Sudanese warriors get ready to charge the natives.
Meanwhile two more groups of natives have appeared in the rear.

Moving swiftly under the acacia trees.

The natives fall upon the blue Arabs who promptly get a move on.
(Always tricky when the results of your attack see the enemy
 going further in the direction they were heading anyway.  Doh!)

Unlike these natives who my Sudanese have bested and pushed back.

The white Arabs stand to fight hoping their shots will hit the mark.

They do and these natives stall.

All over.
The red Arabs well aimed shots put an end to the other natives.
The Sudanese had chased off their opponents.
The dastardly adventurer jogs off to board his plane.
 100 years later his descendants will have to apologise.
If only he had thought of the consequences of his actions
it would have saved a lot of future bother.



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