Friday, December 9, 2022

Huns enter the Punic Wars

I umpired and coached this game which featured some of my Carthaginian figures run by Marc C against Dave's Huns run by Stephen N.

The Huns have out scouted the Carthaginians,
however the Carthaginians have been able to find a good defensive position
and deployed between a lake and a wood.

Light cavalry armies are fast and the Huns waste no time in closing to optimum firing range.
However the Carthaginians have some missile fire as well.

The battle is on for the wings

It has not worked out well for the Hunnic wings
and the Carthaginians keep advancing in the centre

Both sides have taken some losses
but both still have fresh units
that are being fed into the battle

All units are now engaged
 a loss to either side will be the decider

And the Huns go down in a close run affair.