Thursday, May 19, 2016

Saga - Vikings are at least consistent

Wednesday night and my Vikings took on Normans in what was Mark B's first game of Saga.  It was also a competition game.

Here we go again. clash of warlords.

Lots of terrain.

I made a dash for the woods.

Some of my warriors got badly shot up and hid behind the step rise.

I sent in more of my warriors to get rid of those pesky crossbowmen.

There were still a lot of those Normans left and time was running out.

My warriors thought they could do in the Normans peasants.  Nope.

Getting the hearthguard ready.

In they go.

But it was to be a short lived success.

Then I had my big chance.  My berserkers went against his warlord.  So close, but the enemy's trusty troops threw themselves in the way of my engorged men and I suffered the ignominy of my fourth defeat.

So consistency is my only virtue.


  1. I feel your pain. I too have been consistently losing against the Normans when I play them with my Vikings. Hate that Dex Aiie rule. The Vikings can sure do with some cavalry. (Or even 8 in stead of 4 beserkers)

    1. I should try running mu Hearthguard as an 8 man unit rather than two 4s.

      In terms of evolution, Normans are Vikings with cavalry.

      That's a great command stand you have featured in your post. Cheers!