Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Latest purchase

So, I'm talking to guys at the club and there is some interest in Blitzkrieg Commander.  Turns out we all had allies.  Next day on Facebook I see some 15mm Fallschirmjager for sale.  These will go perfect with my Australians which I've built for Crete.  Very attractive price as well.  Decision made, waited a week for parcel to arrive and now I have them.  Brilliant!

Just need to finish the HMG bases and perhaps invest in some singles so I can also use them for Crossfire and we're ready to go.


  1. score. If you don't need all those small caliber AT guns...

    1. The 37mm Pak 36 are fitted with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stielgranate_41 which makes them 1943 or later and thus not suitable for my early war troops. Happy to swap the gun models if you have the early type. The ones I have will be surplus for my army once I get my act together.