Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Going, going, gone.  That was one thought for this post's title.  Then I had "return to sender" and "life's a circle".  The joys of blogging.

About ten years ago I used the threatened move to Perth to buy an ACW army to pad out the meagre collection I had.  Along with the buy the seller threw in a heap of buildings, 3.5 kg worth.

Sadly the building have languished unused.  Then I saw a post in Facebook asking if anyone had any ACW era buildings.  Of course it was the same guy.

So I've now packed them up and they will go in the post today.  No charge, except for postage (which thankfully I won't be paying).


  1. It is often funny how hobby things go full circle. You did a good job painting those buildings. 15mm, I think?

  2. Sadly I can take no credit for the painted buildings, except for that last one that I did a botched job on (paint went on too thick when I was attempting a dry brush - looks like I was using house paint).

    On the full circle theme... The guy I returned the buildings to told me he was playing Longstreet. While I've heard of the rules, I didn't know anyone over here who plays them. The specific reference was to the campaign system. Setting up the Fire and Fury ACW game last night, one of the players invited me to join their Longstreet campaign they have just started. Amazing! Of course I said yes.