Thursday, May 5, 2016

Flight of the Handley Page 400

Guess who has got a new model?

Mark B was allowed the test flight of one of Stephen's latest acquisitions.  Stephen flew escort in a Bristol Fighter while Paul in his pimped Fokker and myself in the Albatross attempted to save the Lego factory from the bomber.

The bomber is focused on its target.

I've made my first pass, but don't seem to cause much damage (unlike the return fire).

It's big!

Bombs away.  My attempts to line up shots were stymied by the bomber dropping altitude and then when I did get a shot my guns jammed.  Grrr!

Around this time I stressed my craft by doing two difficult moves in a row.  The damage was significant.

Finally some progress.  Unfortunately I've taken yet more damage, putting me over 70%.

I head for home while the bomber makes another bombing run.  Even with the fire and complications due to straight flying while on fire, the bomber is only at 30% damage.  Never has an A deck produced so many zeroes.  


  1. Looks exciting and with some fab kit, Sun. Great AAR...and that is one BIG aircraft!